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Bomb Threat

In the event a bomb threat is received, please take the following action:

  1. If the bomb threat is called in, keep the caller on the line and follow the procedures outlined in the Bomb Threat Telephone Operator’s Checklist.
  2. Tenant contact or designated representative should immediately call the Property Manager at 919-354-1332.
    • State “I have received a bomb threat.”
    • Give your company name.
    • Give your building/suite location.
    • Give name of person receiving call.
  3. After you have notified the Property Management Office, building management will contact 911 and other tenant representatives in the building to advise them of the situation.
  4. An emergency meeting will be coordinated by facilities management so all tenants can communicate their companies action plan. All other businesses can then plan accordingly.
  5. Commence a search of your area to determine if any strange objects are present. DO NOT TOUCH SUSPICIOUS OBJECTS IF FOUND.
  6. Report to building personnel on the scene the results of your search or report results to the Property Management Office.

The following is a guide for handling a bomb threat call, and information to record and have available for authorities.

  1. Police are notified by the Property Manager via 911.
  2. Building search may be made by Property Management Personnel.
  3. Police or Bomb Squad contacts and questions the person who received the bomb threat.
  4. A building evacuation may take place. Refer to the EVACUATION PROCEDURE for proper action.
  5. In case of evacuation, your Floor Warden, Area Evacuation Leader or other authorized persons must remain nearby the building so the Police may contact them.
  6. In the event of an evacuation, turn off all familiar office equipment.
  7. An “ALL CLEAR” announcement will be given by Property Management Office once the building has been deemed safe to re-enter.

If you receive a bomb threat call, REMAIN CALM.

Have a pre-arranged signal to alert your manager or supervisory personnel to listen to the call and, if possible, to record the call. Advise the caller, if you can, the detonation of the bomb may kill or injure innocent people. Obtain as much of the following information as possible.