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Hurricane/Flood Procedures

In most cases the weather bureau informs the public well enough in advance of an approaching hurricane so that proper preparation may be taken.

In the event of a hurricane or flood, please take the following precautionary measures:

  1. Keep abreast of weather conditions via radio or television.
  2. Move all valuables from perimeter offices to inside areas.
  3. Remove all papers, pictures, plaques, hanging objects, desktop items, and other loose objects from perimeter offices and store in interior rooms.
  4. Take lap top computers with you.
  5. If you have blinds, draw them closed.
  6. Close all doors to perimeter offices.
  7. Leave all interior doors open to prevent atmospheric pressure problems.
  8. Notify your alarm company (if your company has one) of the probability of a power outage during the storm.
  9. Ensure Property Management has updated Emergency Contact Information for your company.
  10. Report all flooding, leaks, fires and structural damage to Property Management as soon as possible by calling 919-354-1332 and press 9 for emergencies. Make sure to include which property, building and suite number you are in, and our maintenance technicians will be notified immediately.

The building will be officially closed and services will be shut down when the hurricane is predicted to arrive in the Durham area.

The building will be cleared of all tenants and personnel.