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Tornado Procedures

By definition, a Tornado Warning is an alert by the National Weather Service confirming a tornado sighting and location. The Weather Service will announce the approximate time of detection and direction of movement. Wind will be 75 MPH or greater.

In the event of a Tornado

A Public warning will come over radio or TV. Property Management will also attempt to notify tenants via in-person, telephone, cell-phone and/or email.

Please take the following action:

  1. Get away from perimeter of the building and exterior glass.
  2. If you have an office located on an exterior wall, leave the office and close the door.
  3. Go to the central corridor of the building.
  4. Sit down in corridor and protect yourself by putting head as close to your lap as possible or kneel protecting your head.

If you are caught in an outside office

  1. Seek protection under a desk.
  2. Building emergency personnel will arrive with help as soon as possible.