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General Security Recommendations

We ask that the following precautions be taken by all tenants:

  • It is recommended that all entrance doors to tenant spaces should be locked at all times.
  • Control the issuance of access cards and keys.
  • Always lock your door from the inside when working late at night or early in the morning.
  • Be aware of persons who enter the office under the pretext of repair/delivery personnel. Such personnel should be wearing a uniform with the company name prominently displayed.
  • Never prop open the building entrances/exits.
  • If you find any unauthorized packages in the hallways, please notify building management immediately.

After-Hours Emergencies

All completed forms titled “Tenant Contacts” are kept on file in the Property Management Office. In the event of an after-hours emergency affecting your space, a representative of your firm will be notified based on the information provided on the form. Any modifications to your list should be submitted to the Property Manager in writing to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Please click here to download a Tenant Contact Form